Transportation Committee Senator Wayne Langerholc, Chair

Meeting to consider SB 934, SB 473, SB 597, SB 799 and SB 897

Senate Transportation Committee

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 | 12:30 p.m.

Room 461, Main Capitol


1. S.B. 934 – Langerholc – Exempts the Turnpike Commission from local ordinances related to the
     planning, design and construction of linear highway projects and facilities.

2. S.B. 473 – Boscola – Intercepts State lottery winnings (in excess of $2,500) and State income tax
     refunds for unpaid tolls at the Turnpike Commission.

3. S.B. 597 – Laughlin – Modernizes the management of public transit agencies with comprehensive
     reforms to deliver the operating and capital programs.

4. S.B. 799 – Rothman – Permits counties to dedicate supplemental bridge allocations to municipalities
     for maintaining bridges.

  • Amendment No. 1977 – Rothman – Authorizes the money for constructing municipal bridges as well.

5. S.B. 897 – Baker – Increases the safe transportation of children on school buses by creating new
     traffic rules and strengthening penalties for overtaking a school bus.

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