Meeting to consider SB 1118; and HB 816 and HB 2301

Senate Transportation Committee

Wednesday, June 26 | 10:50 a.m.

Rules Room


S.B. 1118 Stefano and Costa – Provides community service as an alternative penalty for a driver’s license suspension for failing to pay fines or respond to citations and operating a motor vehicle when the driver’s license was suspended, revoked or cancelled.

Amendment No. 5160 – Stefano Adds technical corrections, including and not limited to, ensuring victim restitution is not waived and changing the effective date.

H.B. 816 Giral – Requires photo evidence of a violation for removing a vehicle in Philadelphia.

H.B. 2301 Neilson – Reauthorizes the Distracted Driving Awareness plate.

Amendment No. 5226 Langerholc – Creates an omnibus of license plate and vehicle registration issues, authorizing H.B. 105 (Ciresi), H.B. 250 (Merski), H.B. 826 (Giral), H.B. 1747 (Guenst) and a Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal plate.

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