Meeting to consider SB 242, SB 725, SB 736, SB 737, and HB 765

Senate Transportation Committee

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 | 10:00 a.m.

Senate Chamber (and Virtual Participation)

S.B. 736 (Langerholc): Authorizes the transportation of agricultural products to a place of residence with a truck bearing a farm vehicle plate.

S.B. 737 (Langerholc): Aligns the PA Turnpike Commission under the same Municipal Planning Code exemption as the PA Department of Transportation to administer laws.

S.B. 242 (Pittman): Accelerates the reduction in appropriations from the Motor License Fund to the PA State Police.

S.B. 725 (Bartolotta): Allows drivers to operate a farm vehicle with a Class C driver’s license.

H.B. 765 (B. Miller): Provides municipal relief from duplicative special event requirements.

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