Meeting to consider SB 154, SB 191, SB 298 SB 443, SB 453 and SB 459

Senate Transportation Committee

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 | Off the Floor

Senate Rules Room


1. S.B. 191 – Hutchinson – Requires PennDOT to maintain all stormwater facilities connected to State
highways in certain boroughs and incorporated towns.

2. S.B. 298 – Robinson – Permits doorless driving for Jeep and Bronco owners.

Amendment No. 93 – Langerholc – Clarifies the vehicle must be registered under Section 1301 (relating to
registration and certificate of title required); the vehicle shall have side mirrors if the doors are removed; the
doors must be attached for inspection purposes under Section 4702 (relating to requirement for periodic
inspection of vehicles); and, requires occupants in the back seat to wear a seat belt.

3. S.B. 453 – Phillips-Hill and Langerholc – Provides technical changes to address recent DUI court cases
and improves the ignition interlock process enacted via Act 33 of 2016.

4. S.B. 459 – Rothman – Authorizes local police officers to utilize radar or lidar for speed enforcement,
and equips the Pennsylvania State Police with moving radar.

5. S.B. 154 – Langerholc – Designates the following in Cambria County: East Taylor Veterans Memorial
Bridge, the Officer Matthew Krupa Memorial Bridge, and the Senior Chief Stanley “Stush” Kubat, Jr.,
Memorial Bridge.

6. S.B. 443 Langerholc Designates the PVT Donald D. Marsh Memorial Bridge in Cambria County.

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