Meeting to Consider of SB 283, SB 445, SR 53, HB 26, HB 56, and HB 124

Senate Transportation Committee

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 | Off the Floor

Senate Chamber and Virtual Participation (Zoom participation is subject to approval by the Senate Rules Committee on Monday, April 19th.)

S.B. 283 (Hutchinson): Amends the State Highway Law to require PennDOT to maintain all surface and subsurface drainage facilities connected with the State highways within boroughs and incorporated towns with populations equal to or less than 2,500 people.

S.B. 445 (Mensch): Provides individuals with an option to donate to the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition while renewing their vehicle registration or driver’s license on PennDOT’s website.

  • Amendment No. 692 (Langerholc): Provides technical changes and extends the effective date to 120 days.  

S.R. 53 (Baker): Directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to issue a report on the effectiveness of PennDOT’s highway maintenance statutory formula.

  • Amendment No. 750 (Langerholc): Provides a technical change.

H.B. 26 (Borowicz): Designates a bridge on State Route 1010 in Pine Creek Township, Clinton County, as the Tech. Corporal Lee R. Philips Memorial Bridge.

H.B. 56 (Struzzi): Designates a bridge on State Route 271 in Northern Cambria Borough, Cambria County, as the Sergeant William Stock Memorial Bridge.

H.B. 124 (Rigby): Designates a bridge on State Route 3055 in the City of Johnstown, Cambria County, as the City of Johnstown Firefighters Memorial Bridge.

  • Amendment No. 711 (Langerholc): Includes any subsequent fallen firefighter from the City of Johnstown’s Fire Department.
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