Transportation Committee Senator Wayne Langerholc, Chair

Voting meeting to consider SB 70, SB 120, HB11, HB 12, and HB 16

Senate Transportation Committee

Monday, February 22, 2021 at 12:45 p.m.

Senate Chamber and Virtual Participation

Meeting to consider SB 70, SB 120, HB11, HB 12, and HB 16

SB. 120 (Tomlinson): Provides an alternative to haul a dozer, with or without an attached blade.

SB. 70 (Langerholc): Designates a bridge carrying S.R. 1008 in East Carroll Township, Cambria County, as the Kenneth John Ivory Memorial Bridge.

  • Amendment No. 263 (Langerholc): Adds the bridge key, as requested by PennDOT. 

H.B. 11 (Kaufer): Designates a portion of Pennsylvania Route 92 in Exeter Township, Luzerne County, as the Robert F. Kile, Sr., Memorial Bridge.

HB. 12 (Kaufer): Designates a bridge on S.R. 1021 in Wyoming Borough, Luzerne County, as the George J. Dennis, Jr., Memorial Bridge. 

HB. 16 (Dowling): Designates a bridge on U.S. 219 in Summit Township, Somerset County, as the SP4 Michael William Twigg Memorial Bridge.

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