Project Delivery, Stimulus Impacts and Application

January 27, 2009
Senate Hearing Room #1, North Office Building
9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Public Hearing on Project Delivery, Stimulus Impacts and Application


video– running time (1 hour, 29 minutes)
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Mr. Allen D. Biehler PE, Secretary
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Mr. Robert Latham, Executive Vice President
Associated Pennsylvania Constructors

Questions for the Presenters to address

If the primary goal of a stimulus funding package is to put a large number of Pennsylvanians back to work in infrastructure related projects, what steps are being taken to ensure timely utilization of the funds provided?

In order to meet the economic goals of the stimulus package, what modifications are being made to internal review processes to make certain that projects are being delivered more rapidly than current practice?

Has the Federal Stimulus package come with any guidelines that shorten normal project delivery timelines in a meaningful way to positively affect the economic situation of the Commonwealth?

What legal barriers exist that impede the ability of the Department to deliver projects rapidly enough to ensure that the goal of stimulating the economy through investment in public infrastructure can be met and do so with minimal or questionable public benefit?

How much of the effort to improve project delivery timelines is dependent upon changes to federal laws and regulation?

How much is dependent upon various state resource agencies review of plans?

If we are invoking a new set of procedures to deal with the economic crisis, what can we learn from this experience that will allow us to more effectively deliver projects without sacrificing the environmental and other protections built into the current system?

How is the Commonwealth positioned to deal with the next step in an economic recovery based upon infrastructure development?  How will we ensure that the jobs created by the Federal stimulus package will continue to provide steady employment to Pennsylvanians after the funds provided have been exhausted?