Consideration of Bills

April 28, 2009
Room 461 Main Capitol
11 a.m.


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Senate Bill 380, sponsored by Senator Scarnati.  An act designating the bridge on Route 219 in Brockway Borough, Jefferson County as the Christopher E. Loudon Memorial Bridge.

Senate Bill 380 Summary

Senate Bill 731, sponsored by Senator Wonderling.  An act designating a portion of Bushkill Drive, State Route 2019, in  Northampton County as the Victor W. Anckaitis Memorial Highway.

Senate Bill 731 Summary

Senate Bill 110, sponsored by Senator Smucker.   Amending Pa.C.S.  Title 74 (Transportation), providing for public logs of flights on State owned or operated aircraft.

Senate Bill 110 Analysis

Amendment Pending

Senate Bill 152, sponsored by Senator Greenleaf.  Amending Pa.C.S. Title 75 (Vehicles), providing for limited operation of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.

Senate Bill 152 Summary

Senate Bill 143, sponsored by Senator Tomlinson.  Amending Pa.C.S.  Title 75 (Vehicles), prohibiting the operation of motor vehicles while operating certain electronic wireless communications devices. (texting)

Senate Bill 143 Summary

Amendment A00857-offered by Tomlinson – Adds Coroner to the exempted personnel, clarifies restrictions to “handheld” wireless communications devices and further clarifies primacy of state law on this matter.