Consideration of Bills

June 16, 2009
Room 461 MC
11:00 a.m.


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Senate Bill 693, Senator Rafferty- Amending Pa. C.S. Title 74 (Transportation), providing for transportation infrastructure partnership and development-Public Private Partnerships.

Senate Bill 693 Summary

Senate Bill 765, Senator Fontana-An act amending Pa. C.S. Title 75 (Vehicles) further providing for driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked.

Senate Bill 765 Summary

Senate Bill 948, Senator Wonderling-Amending Pa. C.S. Titles 74 (Transportation) and Title 75 (Vehicles) implementing a variety of initiatives to improve transportation within the Commonwealth.  Including; providing a cap on the amount of State Police Funding that comes from the State Police at the current level, Implementing Public Private Partnerships authorization (SB 693) and increasing various motor vehicle fees.

Senate Bill 948 Summary

Senate Bill 958, Senator Scarnati-An Act authorizing the transfer of Old Possessions Road in Ward Township, Tioga county from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to the Township.

Senate Bill 958 Summary

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