Meeting to consider SB 753, SB 145, HB 188, HB 283, HB 952

Senate Transportation Committee

Wednesday, June 14, 2107
9:30 a.m.

Room 8 E-B


S.B. 753 (Rafferty and Sabatina):  Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to exempt a Commonwealth agency, commission, municipality and traffic incident professional from liability regarding accident scene clearance.

S.B. 145 (Yaw):  Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to expand the duty of passengers of a vehicle involved in an accident to give required information or assistance.

H.B. 188 (Causer):  Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to increase the annual income limit for retired persons to qualify for vehicle registration fee exemption from $19,200 to $23,500.

H.B. 283 (Baker):  An Act making a related repeal to Act 46 of 2016 re-designating a bridge on State Route 15 over State Route 49 in Tioga County as the Lance Corporal Michael G. Plank Memorial Bridge.

H.B. 952 (Snyder):  An Act designating a bridge on State Route 1011 in Greene County as the PFC Brent A. McClellan Memorial Bridge.