Meeting to consider Senate Bills 564, 669, 724 and House Bills 269, 303

Senate Transportation Committee

Tuesday, May 23, 2107, at 11:30 a.m. in Room 8 E-B


S.B. 724 (Rafferty, Sabatina and Langerholc):  Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to modernize the membership, powers and duties of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee.

S.B. 564 (Yaw):  An Act providing for installation of protective fencing on certain State-owned bridges and for powers and duties of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. 

S.B. 669 (White):  An Act designating a bridge on State Route 85 in Plumville Borough, Indiana County as the Henry Lue Weaver Memorial Bridge.

H.B. 269 (Murt):  An Act making a related repeal designating a highway on State Route 2034 in Montgomery County as the Cpl. Carl F. Hynek III Memorial Highway.

H.B. 303 (Topper):  An Act designating a bridge on State Route 1005 in South Woodbury Township, Bedford County as the PFC/POW William G. Koontz Memorial Bridge.