Meeting to consider SB 1086, SB 728, SB 1108, HB 1199, HB 1229, HB 1660, SR 247, SR 262

Senate Transportation Committee

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Room 8 E-B



  • S.B. 1086, Amended (Rafferty and Costa): An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in registration of vehicles, providing for suspension of registration upon unpaid tolls.
  • S.B. 728 (Wozniak): An Act providing for notice of motor vehicle event data recorders and for information retrieval; imposing penalties; and providing for evidentiary rules.
  • S.B. 1108 (Scavello): An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in general provisions, further providing for definitions; in licensing of drivers, further providing for classes of licenses and for examination of applicant for driver’s license; in special vehicles and pedestrians, providing for certain passengers prohibited in autocycles; and, in accidents and accident reports, further providing for accident report forms and for department to compile, tabulate and analyze accident reports.
  • H.B. 1199 (Taylor): An Act repealing the act of May 27, 1965 (P.L.63, No.50), entitled “An act authorizing the Department of Highways, with the approval of the Governor, to erect and maintain a bridge over the Monongahela River in Washington and Allegheny Counties, and to provide the necessary approaches and connections with State highways; empowering counties to pay certain damages, and making an appropriation.”
  • H.B. 1229 (Mustio): An Act designating the overpass on State Route 3145 over Interstate 376, BMS 02-3145-0010-0537, in the Market District at Settlers Ridge, Robinson Township, Allegheny County, as the Roy F. Johns, Jr., Overpass.
  • H.B. 1660 (Reed): An Act designating a bridge on that portion of State Route 403 over the Two Lick Creek, Clymer Borough, Indiana County, as the Sergeant James Robert Pantall Memorial Bridge.


  • S.R. 247 (Rafferty and Yaw): A Resolution urging the United States Department of Transportation to work with tank car manufacturers and owners, crude oil shippers and the rail industry in adopting a higher pool fire survivability standard and assisting with additional Federal funds to sustain the training of emergency first responders to ensure communities across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States benefit from the safe transportation of Crude by Rail shipments.
  • S.R. 262 (Rafferty and Yaw): A Resolution urging the United States Surface Transportation Board, the United States Department of Justice, the United States Department of Transportation and the Congress of the United States to reject any plans submitted by Canadian Pacific Railway to acquire Norfolk Southern Corporation and to consider the potential negative impact of the proposal with respect to building a more efficient freight network in this Commonwealth.


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